About oysters with champagne

Jul 10, 2021 1 min read
About oysters with champagne

So that's why oysters and champagne are so suitable for each other!

It turned out that the most famous couple is cemented by the mysterious fifth taste of umami.

Now the unity of oysters with champagne is scientifically confirmed! Researchers at the Department of Food Sciences at the University of Copenhagen last week shared the results of their research.

Glutamates in champagne and nucleotides in oysters, having met, create a synergistic effect of umami. Oysters significantly enhance the taste of champagne. And champagne with acidity and bubbles emphasizes harmony," explains Charlotte Winter Schmidt, a graduate student at the University of Copenhagen.

And Danish scientists say that we, in the sense of humanity, are evolutionarily encoded by the thirst for minds, as this is a sign of protein-rich food vital to our body.

How I like these formulations! We are evolutionarily encoded on the thirst for oysters and champagne. Yay, comrades!

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